ARCH04 Congress

ARCH04 Proceedings



Theory and History of the Thrust Line for Masonry Arches. A Brief Account
A. Ageno, A. Bernabò, F. Foce and A. Sinopoli

Arches: Evolution and Future Trends
S. Pérez-Fadón Martínez

Reduce Costs by Building Optimal Network Arches
P. Tveit

Application of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridges and Study on Ultimate Load-Carrying Capacity
B. Chen, Y. Chen, Z. Qin and H. Hikosaka

Procedures for the Construction of Large Concrete Arches
L. Fernández Troyano



Timber Arch Bridges: A Design by Leonardo
C. Ceraldi and E. Russo Ermolli

A Brief Comparison between Mechanical Aspects and Construction of Arch Bridges during the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries
M. Corradi and V. Filemio

The Gradelle Bridge on St. Massimo Channel in Padova
G. Mirabella Roberti and E. Temporin

Arch Bridges made by Croatian Builder Milivoj Frkovic
J. Radic

Old Arch Bridges in Hamadan Province
M. Makarchian

The Stone Bridges in Southern Italy: From the Roman Tradition to the Middle of the 19th Centuries
L. Bove, I. Bergamasco and M. Lippiello


The behaviour of Open Spandrel Brickwork Masonry Arch Bridges
C. Melbourne and H. Tao

Railway Masonry Arch Bridge of Venice Lagoon: History, Technology and Structural Behaviour
A. Barbieri, V. Chiaradia and A. Di Tommaso

Inspection, Assessment, and Monitoring of Railroad Arch Bridges in Southwestern Pennsylvania
T. Boothby, K. Hulet and T. Stanton

Assessment, Reliability and Maintenance of Masonry Arch Railway Bridges in Europe
Z. Orbán

Dynamic Effects in Arch Bridges - A Field Study
B. Harvey and W. Houghton

Reliability-Based Assessment of a Concrete Arch Bridge
V. Gattulli and G. Conflitti

Masonry Arch Bridges in Poland
J. Bien and T. Kaminski

A First Level Structural Analysis Tool for the Spanish Railways Masonry Arch Bridges
J. Martín-Caro, J. Martínez and J. León

Research on Deterioration for Rakanji Stone Arch Bridge, Honyabakei, Oita, Japan
T. Aoki, T. Komiyama, S. Miyata, M. Miura and Y. Igarashi

Use of Integrated Survey Techniques: Measuring the Iron Bridge
B. Blake and D. De Haan

New Developments of Sonic Tests applied to Thick Masonry Structures
G. Cascante, P. Crespi, G. Franchi, A. Migliacci and P. Ronca

Valuation of Seismic Vulnerability as Support for Conservation of Masonry Bridges
C. Cennamo and S. D’Angelo

Evaluation of Arch Bridge Defects. A Handbook for Network Rail
B. Harvey and I. Bucknall


Plasticity, Coulomb Friction and Sliding in the Limit Analysis of Masonry Arches
A. Sinopoli, M. Rapallini and P. Smars

Developments to the RING Masonry Arch Bridge Analysis Software
M. Gilbert and H. Ahmed

The Stone Bridges Design: From Old Treatises to New Numerical Methods
I. Bergamasco, G. D. Anza, L. Dodaro and M. Lippiello

Seismicity of Super-Long Concrete Arch Bridge with over 600m Center Span
K. Mizutori, K. Kosa and H. Otsuka

Study on Stability Criterion of Super-Long Concrete Arch
H. Nakamura, N. Tamehiro, T. Tanabe and J. Niwa

Upper Bound Limit Analysis of Multispan Masonry Bridges including Arch-Fill Interaction
A. Cavicchi and L. Gambarotta

A Numerical Method for No-Tension Analysis of Masonry Arches
S. Galasso, M. Paradiso and G. Tempesta

Masonry Orthotropic Vaults in Historical Construction: The Herring-Bone Pattern Technology
A. Barbieri, C. Carloni and A. Di Tommaso

Large Displacement Analysis of Slender Arches
M. Arici and M. Granata

Geotechnical Issues in the Analysis of Masonry Arch Bridges
C. Smith, M. Gilbert and P. Callaway

The Statics of Pointed Masonry Arches between 'Limit' and 'Elastic' Analysis
D. Aita, R. Barsotti, S. Bennati and F. Foce


Experiments on Arch Bridges
P. Roca and C. Molins

Cyclic Load Capacity and Endurance Limit of Multi-Ring Masonry Arches
C. Melbourne, A. Tomor and J. Wang

Verification of Local and Global Bridge Action of a Tied Arch Railway Bridge with Orthotropic Deck during Consecutive Test Phases
W. De Corte, Ph. Van Bogaert, H. De Backer and B. De Pauw

The Mechanical behaviour of Mortars in Triaxial Compression
R. Hayen, K. Van Balen and D. Van Gemert

Masonry Compressive Strength Enhancement under Eccentric Axial Load
J. Martínez, J. Martín-Caro and J. León

Transverse Strength of a Model Masonry Arch Bridge
T. Boothby, E. Erdogmus and Y. Yurianto


Fatigue Performance of Composite and Radial-Pin Reinforcement on Multi-Ring Masonry Arches
C. Melbourne and A. Tomor

Structural Upgrading of a Brick Masonry Arch Bridge at The Lido (Venice)
C. Modena, M. Valluzzi, F. da Porto, F. Casarin and C. Bettio

Development, Actuality and Strengthening of Double Curved Arch Bridge in China
P. Dawen and H. Jinxiang

Repair of Stone Masonry Arch Bridges
D. Oliveira and P. Lourenço

The Adaptation of Masonry Arch Bridges. The Cerezo Bridge Experience
J. Martinez Martinez and L. García Castillo

Increased Load Capacity of Arch Bridges using Slab Reinforced Concrete
M. Miri and T. Hughes

Slender Steel Arches with Particular Hanger Arrangement for Modernising Concrete Bridges
Ph. Van Bogaert, W. De Corte, B. De Pauw and H. De Backer

Service Load testing, Numerical Simulation and Strengthening of Masonry Arch Bridges
C. Brookes and P. Mullet

Restoration of the Pont Trencat (Broken Bridge). Barcelona, Spain
X. Font


Design of the Main Spans of the Chongqing Caiyuanba Bridge
M. Chung Tang and J. Sun

Design of the Dongguan Shuidao Bridge in Guangdong, China
Y. Chen, B. Chen and H. Zheng

Design and Construction of Napu Bridge, Zhe-Jian, China
Y. Yang, B. Chen and W. Huang

Design of the Second Highway Bridge over Yellow River in Zhengzhou, China
W. Zhang, B. Chen and W. Huang

Research of the Concrete Arch Bridges up to 1000 M in Span
V. Candrlic, J. Radic and I. Gukov

Studies on Long-Span Concrete Arch Bridge for Construction at Ikarajima in Japan
K. Kamisakoda, H. Nakamura and A. Nakamura

KRKA River Bridge near Skradin
Z. Savor, J. Radic and G. Puz

Steel Tied Arch Bridges with Fan Hanger Arrangement
B. De Pauw, Ph. Van Bogaert, W. De Corte and H. De Backer

Aluminium Pedestrian Bridge in Parco San Giuliano, Mestre, Venice, Italy
G. Mazzarolo, P. Franchetti and C. Modena

Design Recommendations for Reinforced Masonry Arches
P. Lourenco, K. Palácio and J. Barros

Bridge over the River Jarama at Titulcia (Madrid)
J. Llombart, J. Revoltós and S. Couto

Bridge over the River Tagus on the Alcántara Reservoir
J. Llombart, J. Revoltós and M.Alpañes

The Viaduct of the Grande Ravine: A Bridge with a Limited and Controlled Arch Effect
J. Croiset, J. Ryckaert, G. Viel and A. Spielmann

Pedestrian Arch Footbridges
M. Reventós, J. Prió and A. Mas

New Bridge over the River Anoia between Igualada and Santa Margarida de Motbui
M. Reventós and A. Mas

Arched Steel Structure that Supports the Cover of Santa Catarina´s Market in Barcelona
J. Velasco


Force Variations and Slackness in Tied Arch Bridges with Crossing Hangers
H. De Backer, B. De Pauw, W. De Corte and Ph. Van Bogaert

Erection of Network Arches
M. Räck, F. Schanack and P. Tveit

Network Arches for Railway Bridges
B. Brunn, F. Schanack and U. Steimann

Network Arches for Road Bridges
W. Grasse, S. Teich, P. Tveit and S. Wendelin

Fatigue Optimization in Network Arches
S. Teich


Concrete-Filled steel Tubular Arch Bridges: Dynamic Testing and Fe Model Updating
W. Ren, B. Jaishi and Z. Zong

Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of the Second Saikai Bridge - Concrete Filled Tubular (CFT) Arch Bridge
H. Fujita, Q. Wu, M. Yoshimura, K. Takahashi, S. Nakamura and K. Furukawa

Erection Analysis of the CFST Arch Bridge by Vertical Swing Method over the Jing-Hang Canal in Xuzhou, China
C. Sun, B. Chen and Y. Yang

Dynamic Response Analysis of the Second Saikai Bridge - A Concrete Filled Tubular (CFT) Arch Bridge
K. Takahashi, Q. Wu, M. Yoshimura, H. Fujita, S. Nakamura and K. Furukawa

The Influence of Rigidity Value of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular (Single tube) Arch Rib to Static Calculation Results
J. Wei, L. Zhao, B. Chen and G. Peng

Study on Natural Vibration and Nonlinear Seismic Response of Concrete Filled Tubular (CFT) Arch Bridge Constructed in China
Q. Wu, B. Chen, K. Takahashi, H. Matsuzaka and S. Nakamura